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CT Massage & Bodywork, LLC

Providing expert bodywork for health-conscious people since 2003

47 Oak Street, Suite 280, Stamford, CT 06905

Classes & Webinars

Level 1 Supreme Science Qigong:

Supreme Science Qigong is a very unique style that accelerates metabolism, blood circulation and builds hot energy in your navel center. The navel connects to every other meridian in your body this results in a feeling of warmth and wellbeing that is difficult to describe. Qigong heals because of its powerful effect on blood circulation. Imagine circulating more blood while standing still and relaxed (barely moving) than from a two mile jog! No other form of exercise can do this. Because the body is relaxed during this profound circulation, blood flow can move into the microcirculation of the brain, intestines and endocrine glands. Most people that practice this style of Qigong say it dramatically reduces or removes body pain, improves digestion and elimination and helps increase sex drive.

                     Qigong Class Schedule

Functional Nutrition:

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